On Wednesday, February 17, 2016, Orlando Remembered, Inc., met in the 3rd floor Grand Jury Room at the Orange County Regional History Center, 65 E. Central Blvd., Orlando FL. Meeting was called to order at 9 a.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. Attending were:

Robert Serros, President
Shirley Cannon, Vice President
Grace Chewning, Secretary/Treas.
Mark Line, Past Chairman
Daniel Assael
Joe Baker
Texann Buck
Ann Bennett
John Camichos
Richard Forbes
Leon Handley
Jim Hardman
Rodney Kincaid
Bill Leach
Gail Padgett
Vic Ratliff
Jane Tracy
Peggy Jo van den Berg
Claude Wolfe
Bob Woodbery
Pamela Schwartz
Rose Garlick
John Simco

1. MINUTES – The January 20 minutes were approved as written on motion of S. Cannon, seconded by V. Ratliff and vote carried.

2. TREASURER’S REPORT – OR/$17,334.78; Andrew Serros Legacy Endowment/$9,537.93.

A] Upon activation of the OR website, installation will proceed simultaneously of approved prototype display panels with the new design/branding concept and Logo. Initial locations for the panels include 1 S. Orange Ave., 20 N. Orange Ave./San Juan, 390 N. Orange Ave./Bank of America, Autrey Arcade/Jefferson Court block. As to 1 S. Orange Ave., Mark Line indicated the owner, Hank Katzen, has requested a Letter of Agreement.

4. OLD BUSINESS: [a] Strategic Initiatives: ► Member Education. ► Exhibits and website. M. Line noted that Matt Higgs, HardcoreDev.com, who is doing the Historical Society website, will also create the OR website in Word Press which should be operational in March or April. ► “We Love Orlando” Party ► Orlando Remembered Legacy. [b] G. Chewning indicated finalization of the 501(c)(3) charitable status process at the various government levels! [c] Rose Garlick, Manager of the Downtown Orlando Information Center, commented on the “What’s Up Downtown Historic Walking Tour” led by Richard Forbes on March 3rd starting at 201 S. Orange Ave., 8:30 a.m., with OR volunteers appearing “in character” at various stops along the route.

5. NEW BUSINESS: [a] Discussion ensued regarding required relocation of the OR display due to remodeling on the 4th floor at the Orlando Public Library. Ad hoc committee members have interfaced with Library staff on a potential new site within the facility. Bob Serros and Mark Line offered to assist in this effort. [b] A Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] will be forthcoming outlining the Orlando Remembered, Inc./Historical Society relationship.

6. ON-GOING ACTIVITIES: () Mike Perkins provided an update on development of a Master Plan for redesign of the History Center. () Shirley Cannon announced that the Crawford House will be “off its wheels” in two weeks and that funds are needed for renovations. Ann Bennett noted the good turnout at the February 10 Pine Castle Pioneer Luncheon and extended invitation to the February 27-28 Pine Castle Pioneer Days at Cypress Grove Park. () Regarding the Orange Preservation Trust, Mark Line stated the group is actively reaching out to advisory groups.

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS/GOOD OF THE ORDER:  Bunny Parish related that the survey concerning the Lee Middle School name change may be accessed at lee.ocps.com.  Rodney Kincaid distributed tickets to February 25th opening of the Central Florida Fair, celebrating its 106th year!  John Camichos advised that the result of a collaboration between the Orange County History Center and the History Center in Volos, Greece, coverage will be published in the Volos paper on Lisa Camichos’ dissertation: “The Orlando Plan, Orlando’s Effort to Save Volos, Greece” [http://www.orlandomemory.info/search?combine=Volos].

8. ORLANDOANS REMEMBERED – People whose lives were so important to so many, who helped make Orlando a great City and whose passing represents a significant loss to our community: : Marion “Dave” Morton; Beth Sindler; Robert C. Ochs; Richard “Rick” Murphy; Eleanor W. Luff; Victor Andrew Serros; Dr. Thornton A. Beckner; Janice Hoffner Heasley; Candace Condict Drake; Shirley A. Scott.

9. ADJOURNMENT – There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 10:10 a.m. Next OR gathering is March 17, 2016, 9 a.m., at the History Center.

Grace Ann Chewning, Secretary-Treasurer

Orlando Remembered, Inc., Loves “The City Beautiful!”