On Friday, November 23, 2018, Orlando Remembered,Inc.,met at Greenwood Cemetery, 1603 Greenwood St., Orlando FL, to participate in the monthly “Moonlight Walking Tour” conducted by recently retired Sexton Don Price. Business Meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. Attending were:

Grace Chewning,        Secy./Treas.

Don Batchelor/

Betty Wienrich

Tom Beaty

Blaine Birchfield

Jim Hardman/

Ronnie Hardman

Rodney Kincaid

Bill Leach/

Barbara Leach

Emmett O’Dell/

Dana Rutledge

Don Price

Vic Ratliff/

Shelia Ratliff

George Rodon/

René Rodon

Bill Trippler/

Beverly Trippler

Peggy Jo van den Berg

Bob Woodbery/

Pat Woodberry

1. MINUTES: The October 17 minutes were approved as written on motion of R. Kincaid, seconded by B. Woodbery and vote carried.

2. TREASURER’S REPORT: $28,509.547 [including $10,000 in Andrew N. Serros Legacy Endowment Fund] as of 9-30-18.

3. ORLANDOANS REMEMBERED: People whose lives were so important to so many, who helped make Orlando a great City and whose passing represents a significant loss to our community: James “Roger” Fleming; Robert “Bob” Lawrence Edgerton, DDS; Lorraine Elizabeth Acker Wall; Harry J. Weiss, Jr.; John Bowman “Bo” Trumbo; Evelyn Byrd Murfee Truex; Charles A. Wright; Elizabeth “Beth” Walker Rohrer; George Patton Olin; Russell Vincent Hughes.

[See http://orlandoremembered.org/members/epoch-obituaries/]

4. ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was officially adjourned at conclusion of the Tour, 10:15 p.m. Next regular meeting is Wednesday, December 19, 9:00 a.m., Peach Valley Café, 2849 S. Orange Ave., to share memories at a Holiday Breakfast!