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Orlando General Hospital – 1918

On November 5, 1918, a small, 50-bed community hospital named Orange General Hospital opened its doors to Central Florida. The hospital opened with two of its four floors completed, one functioning operating room and no gas, electricity or air conditioning. Over the next decade, Orange General continued to add physicians and specialties to its services, growing alongside the city of Orlando.

By the early 1940’s Orange County was home to more than 70,000 residents and Orange General was at capacity every day. The hospital converted the dining hall into 15 patient rooms. The hospital also replaced a two-story wing with a new four-story wing with 34 rooms, one operating room and more space for wards.

By 1945, Orange General had become the third largest private hospital in the state. Originally built to hold 100 beds, the hospital now held 263 beds and bassinets. The hospital board approved a massive $1 million building project to expand the hospital, but it was impossible to raise the funds needed. In 1946, the hospital changed its name from Orange General Hospital to Orange Memorial Hospital. This would be the first of many name changes.

(From Orlando Health website)


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